Virtual STEAM Programs

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About the Programs

These programs offer engaging and accessible STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) content for middle school students via Zoom-based clubs run in partnership with USAF locations. Previous programs have been run with AFRL Rome Lab and the Griffiss Institute.

Sessions can be scheduled flexibly to meet your needs, with up to 20 students meeting daily or weekly for shorter or longer sessions at a time. The educational content is research-based, tested, and designed and taught by an experienced STEAM educator, resume and references available on request. Program activities include a variety of discussions, videos, experiments, projects, and industry guest speakers.

Students should be in grades 5 through 8. They must have a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam to run Zoom and do basic web browsing. No experience is required and all materials are shipped directly to the student as part of the cost of the program.

Use the options below to select a possible program and calculate its estimated cost. Note that the information provided by this calculator is only an estimate and not a guarantee. Actual final costs are negotiated on a case-by-base basis and may differ from what is shown here.

Virtual Engineering Club

This program offers a flexible set of modules that cover different engineering topics with a variety of lessons, discussions, activities, experiments, and hands-on design projects. Existing modules include Intro/Systems, Civil, Mechanical, Acoustical, Aerospace, and Electrical Engineering. Each module includes two 1.5-hour blocks of instructional content and a hands-on design project. Each module is also designed to include a talk and Q&A session with a guest speaker from that engineering field. The program can be run in a variety of configurations including 1-week camps and multi-week after school clubs.

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VEC Estimated Cost Calculator

Materials costs per student:

  • Shipping & Handling: $30/student
  • General Supplies: $11/student
  • Module Supplies: $5/module/student

Available modules: Intro/Systems (required), Civil, Mechanical, Acoustical, Aerospace, and Electrical Engineering

Available formats: 6-hour day sessions (1 session per module with supervised break time, ideal for day camps) or 2-hour sessions (2 sessions per module on different days, ideal for after school clubs)

Estimated total program cost:


Virtual STEAM Club: Rocks

This program offers integrated STEAM content highlighting connections between science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics by building lessons around a theme of interest to middle school students. The existing program takes rocks as its theme and includes earth science, mathematics, computer science, technology, engineering, and art content. Activities include research-based integrated lessons, digital and video content, discussions, group research, hands-on activities, and coding projects. The 5-day format includes 6-hour daily meetings with 18 hours of instructional content, supervised breaks, and 5 guest speaker talks and Q&A sessions.

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VSC:R Estimated Cost Calculator

Materials costs per student:

  • Shipping & Handling: $30/student
  • Materials & Supplies: $70/student

Base rate per run of the club: $4500

Estimated total program cost:


Student Feedback

Each program ends with a student feedback survey. Here are some comments from past students!

Contact Us

Contact us at to discuss running a program in partnership with your location! Please get in touch at least 2 months before your desired start date.